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Ambi 80% Lowers

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Do you plan to make an Ambi-bolt Release Lower Receiver?

We now feature Ambi versions of all of our Lower Receiver and Receiver Set products of either stripped or 80% Lower Receiver designs with the first being the simple plain version as featured in this category, and then the other versions include a LightWeight style, and a skeletonized Mag-well type of Lower Receiver. Of course the skeletonized version weighs slightly less than the LW style but that’s only because of the additional material being removed. The actual weight difference is almost insignificant so we offer the two designs mainly to give customers the choice for style based on preference.

We also feature a Fully Skeletonized version of our Lowers, and a new Skeletonized version of our Billet AR Upper to complete the Receiver Set. All of these products can be purchased as either 80% or 100% complete, and in the Ambi-Bolt Release version. And of course, all products are still available in several finishes including Raw, Bead Blasted, Black Anodized, or Cerakote Graphite Black, FDE, Tungsten or Burnt Bronze – or you can even get a Custom Cerakote color.