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308 80 Percent Lower Jig For Billet AR10 and DPMS

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Save 20% on the Jig price alone or with a Tool Kit when you order an 80 Lower with our .308 80% Lower Jig.

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This drill fixture will allow you to finish the machining process for either of our billet .308 80% lowers to include the FCG (Fire Control Group) pocket and trigger slot, and drill the Selector, Hammer and Trigger pin holes.

Drill Fixture Contents:

Our 4-piece AR 10 80% Lower Jigs include the following:

– Left Hand and Right Hand Side Plates
– Drilling/Trigger Slot Top Plate
– Milling Top Plate
– Needed Fasteners
– an Optional (4) Pc Tool Kit is Available

Jig Compatibility:

Our Lower Jig is machined from 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum, and is designed specifically to fit OUR billet AR 10 .308 80% Lowers.  It will also work with several other billet AR-10A / SR25 / DPMS Gen-1 style 80% Lowers, but please contact us before you buy if planning to use with a different lower.  And since we hold very tight tolerances on our lower receivers, our jigs will NOT work with any 80% lowers that are larger or smaller in width of 0.906″ +/-0.005 at the FCG area.  This Jig will not work with any forged 308 Lowers currently available.

All of our 80 percent lowers already have the upper rear/take-down lug pocket milled so that operation is not a part of our jigs, and that makes it NOT compatible with lowers that do not have the take-down lug pocket already milled.

Jig Finish:

Our 80% lower jigs are shipped in the ‘Raw’ state directly from our CNC machines, and they are deburred only.  You can review our 80% lower jig instructions to better understand the drilling and milling process.

Availability / Shipping:

Our Lower Jigs are in stock most days but please see our Shipping/Returns webpage for the latest shipping details.

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