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Ar-10, .308, Ar-15 magazines

Maintaining Your AR-10/AR-15 Magazine

Ar-10/Ar-15 Magazine Maintenance It’s a sad fact that while we use our AR’s day in and day out, and clean them meticulously, we sometimes forget to be as careful as we should be with the magazines. We just keep loading in rounds and then unloading them in our desired mode of shooting, occasionally giving the […]

Make Your Own Gun

Make Your Own Ar-10 Or Ar-15 Rifle

How To Build Your Own AR10, .308 or Ar15 Rifle Making your own gun can not only give you a sense of accomplishment, but will allow you to understand all the inner workings of it. AR10 and Ar15 owners love to work on their guns and, luckily, the AR rifle is a gun that has […]

AR-10 80 percent lowers and parts

Tools And Parts To Build An AR-10 Rifle

These Are The Tools You Need To Build An AR-10 Rifle You can almost imagine Eugene Stoner designing the AR10 specifically so that it can be modified and customized, such is the ease with which it can be done. There are now so many parts on the market that it has actually become bewildering, and […]