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80% Lowers & Jigs

We build precision quality 80% lower receivers CNC machined from aerospace grade billet aluminum or forgings that are then completed by the customer.  An 80% lower is the starting point of your custom rifle build, and can be finished with a standard 80% lower jig.

Our billet lowers can be ordered in either 6061-T6 (Std) or 7075-T6 (optional) aluminum, and finished in the raw, bead blasted, cerakoted or black anodized.  There are up to 5 options available so the number of unique combinations can make for a great custom 80 lower for your next build.

An 80% lower jig can also be purchased that will help to complete the lower, and an optional tool kit can also be added to your 80 jig purchase.  With our attention to detail and craftsmanship, you can be assured of the highest quality and precision machined gun parts available.

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Instructions & Guides

80% Lower Jig Instructions

Updated: 8/23/2020 What follows is the detailed process (one of many available) to finish your AR15 or AR10 80% Lower Receiver into a ready to use part. TAKE YOUR TIME and be sure of each cut (check twice, cut once), and use the Drill Jig more as a “Point Guide” than a Jig and you […]

What You Need To Know About 80 Lowers

AR-15 80% Lower Receivers One of the most popular rifles ever created is the AR-15. Consisting of the upper part and the Lower Receiver, the AR provides a great deal of flexibility in creating your own unique, custom AR Rifle. The 80% Lower Receiver for the Rifle is not considered to be an actual firearm, […]