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Shipping And Returns

Updated:  12/24/21

Shipping & Returns Policy

Please refer to below terms for questions regarding shipping costs/times/restrictions, cancellations, returns, exchanges or warranty, or contact us by email.

Shipping costs are fixed at the following prices:

  • $10 for a single Part
  • $17 for two or more Parts
  • and Free Shipping for Orders over $299

Shipping Estimates

Special Note:  All shipping estimates below are superseded by the estimate with selected Product Options when present.

Orders are not shipped on Sundays or Holidays. All parts orders are shipped by USPS Priority Mail.

Orders for in stock items are typically shipped within 0-2 business days of order processing per the following details for specific products.

Raw 80% lower receivers are coming off of the CNC machines all day long and are typically on the shelf for immediate shipping in 0-5 business days. We indicate up to 5 days because as a small business other priorities spring up on a regular basis and may need to be dealt with before shipments are made. Most shipments for raw Lowers go out within 24 hours.

Anodized 80 percent lowers are normally in stock but due to unpredictable demand for specific Product Options such as Skeletonized versions may be backordered.  For this reason those specific lowers are shown as Shipping in 1-3 weeks mostly due to sending out in-stock Raw versions that are to be anodized.

Cerakoted 80 lowers are rarely in stock and are shown as Shipping in 3-7 days because we send out in-stock Raw versions in small batches to be coated locally to fill those orders as they come in.

Shipping Restrictions

We can ship to any mailing address in the United States except New Jersey and New York.  We do not ship Internationally due to ITAR concerns. By ordering from us you are agreeing to fully comply with all state and local laws that may affect you. Below you can review the specific states that have potential ‘issues’ with 80% lowers.

NJ – Does not ban 80 percent lowers specifically but has an ‘assault weapons’ ban in place, and no means to be issued a SN for a completed lower. A completed AR or 308 lower would constitute possession of an ‘illegal’ firearm by state law.

NY – Does not ban possession of an 80% receivers explicitly but has an ‘assault weapons’ ban in place, but no way to register a serial number for a finished lower.

CT – Their ‘assault weapons’ ban does not prevent possession of 80% lowers and they do have a means to acquire a SN for registration, but the AWB would force the owner to build the Rifle similar to being California compliant.

WA – has an ‘assault weapons’ ban that contains additional criteria regarding ‘undetectable’ and ‘untraceable’ firearms. A polymer 80 is subject to the undetectable criteria and is therefore ‘illegal’, however this doesn’t apply to aluminum lowers. We’re not sure how WA state gun enthusiasts handle this because while possessing an aluminum 80 lower is not illegal, getting a SN for it when complete is not possible.

PA – Does not have an AWB in place, but wants to ‘regulate’ 80% lower receivers so their AG has decided to do background checks thru their state system for anyone who is buying, selling or transferring an 80 percent.  We believe that they are requesting the owner create a SN, and then its added to the system when a BGC is completed.

CA – Of course their ‘assault weapons’ ban wrecked havoc with law abiding AR enthusiasts, and now everyone has to acquire a SN before completing a lower receiver.  And then they have to build the Rifle to CA standards which can be a major pain in the rear.

Multiple Product Orders

For a multiple product order, we will ship all products contained in the order at the same time, unless we ask and you inform us otherwise.  You will only be charged for shipping at the rate quoted to you on your purchase receipt.  The entirety of the shipping cost will be applied to the first product(s) shipped on a multiple shipment order.

Out-of-Stock Products

All products that are out of stock will be shown as “Out-of-Stock” on their respective product webpage, and therefore cannot be ordered until such time as additional stock has been added.  Any products shown as back ordered and taking additional time to ship have an explanation as to why per above.


You may cancel your order at any time prior to shipping by contacting us by email.


Please contact us for an RMA (Return Merch Auth) number to be placed on the outside of the package being returned.

Parts may be returned for a refund less actual shipping costs and a 10% restocking fee for up to 10-days after receipt provided parts are unused and in original condition as shipped from us.

80% Lower Receivers (considered Parts) can be returned for a refund less actual shipping costs plus 10% restocking fee provided the products are unused nor modified. If an 80% Lower Receiver has been drilled or milled, it cannot be returned as it is now legally defined as a firearm.

We do not accept returns on Jigs under any circumstances other than parts with manufacturing defects or incorrect shipments.

Exchanges and Refunds

We will replace the product or provide full refund, plus pay for the return shipping costs, if the return is a result of our error such as you received an incorrect or incomplete order, or the product manufactured by 80Lowers contained defects.

If electing a refund, you should expect to receive the refund within one week of return receipt. However, in many cases you will receive a refund more quickly.

Limited Warranty

If the product should fail to perform for the design function in any way for the life of the product, then we will replace the product with a superior version at no cost, or provide a full refund at the customers request. This warranty is null and void if the lower is not completed to mil-spec specifications. It is understood that customers can and will use Jigs from other sources, and we will not hold the use of competitor fixtures against the warranty.