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Shop Ambi 80 Lower Receivers!
and Billet 7075 80% Lowers!

AR 15 80% Lowers

High-quality, precision-crafted 80 percent lowers, and much more!

Shop for a quality AR10 .308 80% lower in Oregon. You can also get an AR-15 80% lower there. Machinists precisely machine these 80 percent receivers from aluminum blocks. Then, the customer finishes them. You can buy a completed Lower Receiver from our sister website, ADR Tactical.

Get an 80% lower machined from 6061-T6 aluminum (or 7075-T6 when available). It can be raw or finished as bead blasted, black anodized, or cerakoted. Our website has three styles of 80% receivers. These include the standard shape and a Lightweight (LW) version. There are also versions with a fully or partially skeletonized mag well 80 lower. There are more options available. You can order a customized 80 percent lower for your next rifle or pistol build.

Special Note:  The August, 2022 ATF 80% lower receiver laws (Rule Change) had no impact on our business since at this time we’re only selling ‘Receiver Blanks’ as defined by ATF – and per ATF guidelines our 80 percent lowers are not serialized. We will continue to feature our 80% lower receivers which are not banned now and are still legal to buy in most states – and we will expand our product offerings such as mating uppers as we move forward. Thanks to all of our customers for your continued support.

.308 AR10 80% Lowers


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