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FAQs About 80 Lowers

Updated: 6/20/2020

What are your current ship times?

Please check our Shipping and Returns webpage Shipping/Returns for up to the minute information.

What states are currently on the no-ship list?

We do not ship to nor fulfill orders from New Jersey or New York for any reason.

Why are many products often out of stock?

We are an OEM for the firearms industry which means that we build serialized lowers and other parts for other gun manufacturers. Before the pandemic, we were building for those other manufacturers at a rate that we could manage. When the pandemic hit, demand soared.

Why are there so many options for your lowers?

In a few words – product diversity.

We would like to build all of these variations and have all of them available for sale because some customers want “Safe/Fire” engravings, while some would like Pictograms – and still others would prefer nothing at all. Some want 7075 aluminum over 6061, and some would prefer bead blasted finish to in-the-raw. By allowing for multiple configurations we can expand our available market to those who would be interested in a lower with a skeletonized frame. But there are those customers that would not.

In developing the Lowers, we discovered that we could make a “base” lower that would be the least expensive option (no options), and then customers can add the options that they prefer “a la carte”. Even with differences between the lowers, we can still build and ship the raw (bead blasted) versions in any configuration within the stated shipment window.

Quite frankly we’re not quite sure why all of the 80 percent lower manufacturers aren’t offering similar options. In general they seem to offer 1-2 configurations and that’s what they’ve got.

What material do you use to make the 80 percent lowers?

Our billet lowers are made from 6061-T6 aluminum with an option for 7075-T6 if preferred.  The forgings are hammered from 7075 aluminum.

Do you offer military discounts?

We do offer discounts for those who served in the military.  Please contact us for proof of service and a discount code.

What tools would you recommend to complete an 80% lower receiver?

We would highly recommend a CNC machine due to its speed and accuracy, but realize that you are asking about inexpensive at-home options.  And in that situation, you would need an 80% Lower Jig of some type as well as a corresponding tool kit.  Most jig options are either a drill press type, or one that can be used with a hand router.  And the tool kits in most cases will be the same or very similar for either jig type because you will need to drill the side holes even when using a router.

Do you have a dealer program, or sell wholesale?

We do not currently have a dealer or wholesaler program established.  We do want to have one at some point but are not quite sure how many ways to go about it.  We could just sell and ship wholesale parts outright to dealers, and we could offer a drop-ship service for online dealers as well.  Plus we could also run with an affiliate program where gun related websites and forums have links to our website, and get a percentage of each sale that they refer to us.  There’s a few ways to go about this.  Keep referring back and we will update this response when we have something available.