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AR 15 80% Lower Receivers

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Are your AR-15 80% Lowers Mil-Spec?
Of course they are otherwise our AR 80 lower wouldn’t be compatible with any other off-the-shelf mil-spec AR 15 components – and we wouldn’t sell any.

We completely machine our receivers from billet aluminum for that very reason. We’ve come to find over time that forgings may not meet mil-spec, especially in width. Almost all of the dimension specifications for a lower at to +/- 0.005″, with some being even tighter. But some are looser. The forgings sometimes are out of tolerance in thickness in that they can be -0.015″ on the FCG area, and +0.015 on the magazine well area. This introduces machining issues with centering both the FCG pocket and mag-well. Our drill press style jigs are designed for those features to be nearly exact inside the machining tolerances stated above, so our jigs may not be compatible with certain forgings.

We machine our billet aluminum lowers to tolerances tighter than the mil-spec of +/-0.005″, and since we machine the entire lower, faces and all, we hold those tighter tolerances.

Are AR-15 80 Percent Lowers Legal to Own and Build?
Per the Gun Control Act of 1968 (GCA) – Yes, in every state in the U.S. it is legal to build your own firearm for personal use as long as you can legally own a firearm. But there are some states such as New Jersey that have “Assault Weapon” bans in place so you can’t build a firearm that would meet those criteria, but you can still build a handgun or a 10/22.

Is a Serial Number or other Mark Required?
Nope – you do not need to add a serial number or any other mark unless you transfer the AR 15 lower or firearm at some point in the future. You can put a serial number on it for the purpose of recovery if lost or stolen which we would recommend. We actually stamp short alpha-numeric sequences on the grip mount so its hidden under the grip. Sneaky aren’t we?

Will I need an FFL or to do a transfer?

You do not need a FFL to complete your AR 15 80 lower, nor will you need to do a transfer when finished.

Are your AR 80 Lowers made from 6061 or 7075 Aluminum?
We build all of our lowers in 6061-T6 as standard, but realize that there are customer who prefer 7075-T6 so we make that an available option. 7075 can increase the material cost substantially over 6061 such as 2.5-to-1, so we have to charge a premium for that material.

Are bulk or volume discounts offered?

We offer our AR lowers in a 3 pack, 5 pack or 10 pack – or rather you can just add to the cart whatever quantity that you wish to purchase and the discount per the bulk pricing table under the add to cart button will show the volume discount but ONLY in the cart.