AR15 80% Lower Receivers

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Showing 17–20 of 20 results

An essential component of every AR15 build is the AR15 80 Lower. The option to create a unique AR-15 rifle or handgun from the ground up, including making the firearm component (the stripped lower receiver) itself, is offered by an AR15 80% lower receiver.

Are your AR-15 80% Lowers Mil-Spec?

Our receivers completely from billet aluminum for that very reason. We’ve come to find over time that forgings may not meet mil-spec, especially in width. Almost all the dimension specifications for a lower are to ±0.005″, with some being even tighter. But some are looser. The forgings are sometimes too thick. They can be -0.015″ in the FCG area, and +0.015 in the magazine well. This introduces machining issues with centering both the FCG pocket and mag-well. We design our drill press jigs to be almost exact in those features. They must be within the stated machining tolerances. So, our jigs may not work with certain forgings.

Our billet aluminum lowers to tighter than mil-spec tolerances. The standard machining allows for +/-0.005″. Since we machine the entire lower, faces and all, we hold those tighter tolerances.

Are AR-15 80 percent lowers legal to own and build?

The Gun Control Act of 1968 (GCA) says it is legal in every state in the U.S. to build your own firearm for personal use. This is if you can own a firearm. But some states, like New Jersey, have “Assault Weapon” bans. So, you can’t build a firearm that would meet those criteria. But, you can still build a handgun or a 10/22.

Is a serial number or other mark required?

You don’t need to add a serial number or any mark. You only need to do this if you transfer the AR 15 lower or firearm later. You can put a serial number on it to recovery if lost or stolen, which we would recommend.

Will it’s me that needs an FFL or to do a transfer?

You do not need an FFL to complete your AR 15 80 lower, nor will you need to transfer it to yourself when finished. You won’t need an FFL to sell the lower later if you decide. You’re in the clear as long as you didn’t complete the lower to resell it.

Are your AR-80 Lowers made from 6061 or 7075 aluminum?

We build all our lowers in 6061-T6 as standard. However, we realize that some customers prefer 7075-T6. So, we make that an occasional option. 7075 can increase the material cost a lot over 6061. So, we have to charge more for that material.

Are bulk or volume discounts offered?

We now offer bulk packs in 3-pack, 5-pack, and 10-pack options for our AR15 80% Lower products. You can find them in our 80% Lower Bulk Packs category.

Wholesale dealers of our products also get discounted pricing for AR 15 80% Lowers. You can find more information in our Dealer – Bulk category in the main menu.