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About Us

Gun and Firearm Parts

Who We Are

We are a Firearms Dealer and Manufacturer in Oregon and we’re looking forward to serving our customers with the best products, parts, accessories and services we can provide.


Our short term goals are to introduce some great tactical accessories for both the AR 15 platform and several shotgun models. We’ve also designed and are actively testing some hi-capacity magazines for the AR 15, with strong potential in the LE and Military markets.

Active Projects

These projects are the main reason why we are offering so many AR 15 and shotgun models for sale, as well as the kits which can be integrated with any of the models that are featured on our website.

For the long term, we are working on a couple of hand gun designs, a new pistol-carbine weapon system, and we are also developing an AR 15 based weapon design which might be a possible replacement for the US Military’s M-4/M-16 systems.

Innovative Designs

We’ll stop there as our Patents are Pending at this time – but do watch for developments to be published here and on firearms related websites.

For now though, we are going to stick with our AR rifles for sale and various other guns for sale. We’ll be centering around the Tactical Rifle and Shotgun arena as we create innovative products for the AR 15 platform. And with that statement made, we’d like to show you some of the things we’ve made.