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.308 Ar-15, AR-10 Charging Handle Blemished For Sale

Getting The Right AR Rifle Charging Handle

Finding The Perfect Charging Handle   If you have purchased you AR rifle off the shelf, rather than having created it from a pile of parts, then you will be at a bit of a disadvantage. The standard charging handle is a mil-spec model, but may not be up to the challenge if you are […]

Ar15 80 Percent Lower Upper-Cheapest Blem For Sale-80 Arms

Finding The Best Upper For Your AR15, .308 Rifle

Getting The Right AR Upper Here on this site, we talk a lot about lower receivers, and 80% lowers in particular because, if you are building your custom AR, that is where you tend to start, and all other parts build up onto it.   We don’t, frankly, give enough air time to upper receivers, […]