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The Difference Between AR15, DPMS, SR25, and LR .308

What Is the Difference Between AR15, DPMS, SR25, and the LR .308?   Just because things look the same, it doesn’t mean that they are equal. Crackers are always made out of flour and crunchy whereas cookies are usually sweeter, and have additives like fruit or chocolate chips. Just the same, shrimps and prawns might […]

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How To Clean And Maintain Your AR15 Or .308

Cleaning and Maintaining Your AR Rifle   Let’s assume that you have spent a few months creating your perfect AR out of all the best after-market parts that you can cobble together. You’ve tested it out and are now putting a lot of rounds through it. You enjoy it, so why not use it. But […]

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The Importance Of AR15 Gas Tubes

What Do You Need To Know About AR15 Gas Tubes?   AR15 gas tubes are often very misunderstood. Ask your average shooter to describe the system and watch them come up with all kinds of convoluted descriptions of “tubes along the top” and “little holes”, or even “something to do with gas”. But never fear, […]

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Using An AR15 For Home Defense

Using An AR15 For Home Defense   No one really wants to think about the need for home defense, but the fact of the matter is that it’s definitely something that you need to be prepared for and there is little better than you trusty AR rifle to show that you mean business. But how […]