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AR15, AR10/308 80Lower Receiver, Trigger Pull Weight

What is the Best AR-15 Trigger Pull Weight?

Trigger Pull Weight Of An AR15 Or AR10/308 Is One Of The Most Discussed Topics In The Firearms World Since The Pull Weight Is Usually One Of The First Upgrades People Gravitate Towards After Building Their 80 Percent Lower Receiver. But what is the best trigger pull weight for an AR-15? Does it even matter? […]

AR15, 308, AR10, Forward Assist

Should I Use An AR-15 Forward Assist?

There Are A Lot Of Debates Within The Firearms World And One Of The More Surprising Subjects Is Using An AR-15’s Forward Assist Whether You Make It From An 80 Percent Lower Receiver Or Buy It Off The Shelf. Depending on who you talk to, the forward assist is a necessary part of the AR-15’s […]