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SR25 308 Cerakote 80% Lowers Receiver Set

Comparing AR15 Coatings: Anodized vs Cerakote

Whether You’re Looking For New Parts Or Starting From Scratch You Will Encounter Different Coatings For Your AR-15, AR 10-308 80 Percent Lower Receiver, Or Similar Firearms. Mostly this comes down to two major options: Anodizing and Cerakote. But, what do each of these coatings do and why does it matter if your 80% receiver […]

AR15 80 Percent Lowers, Grip and Stance

AR-15 Rifle: Grip And Proper Stance

A Good Grip And Stance Can Make A World Of Difference When You Are Shooting Your AR-15 Made From Your 80 Percent Lower Receiver. Controllability And Accuracy All Stem From How Well You Hold Your Rifle. But it’s not as easy as some people think. There are multiple good grips and stances for firing an […]