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Length AR-15 Rifle Barrel

How Long You Should Make An AR15 Rifle Barrel

The Length Of An AR-15’s Barrel Is A Topic Of Discussion For Some People. How Long Should It Be? Are There Any Benefits For A Particular Barrel Length? How Does The Barrel Length Impact My Rifle? We’re going to answer some of these questions while exploring the nuances of barrel length. Legal Restrictions There are […]

80 Percent Lower Receivers, Flash Suppressors, Hiders, Muzzle Breaks, Compensators

Do I Need a Compensator, Muzzle Brake Or A Flash Hider?

When Customizing Your AR-15 Or AR-10, There Are Few Options More Confusing Than The Muzzle Device. Should You Use A Flash Hider, A Compensator, Or A Muzzle Break? What Is The Difference Between These Very Similar Objects? Does It Really Matter Which One You Pick? We’re going to go over some of the nuances of […]