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AR-10 /.308 80% Lower Jigs

308 80% Lower Jig

80 Lowers builds Precision Quality 308 80% Lower Receiver Jigs that are CNC Machined from Billet Aluminum. An AR 10 80% Lower Jig is used by the Customer to complete an 80% Lower Receiver, which is the starting point of your custom Rifle Build.

Our original design 308 80% Lower Jigs are still small and compact 4- or 5-piece fixtures including a top Drill Plate that allows most of the material removal to happen with down-force drilling action so it can be completed on a standard Drill Press with a decent vise. Our AR 10 80% Lower Receivers also have the Rear Pocket already machined for you, and our 80% Lower Receiver Jig reflects this condition as well.

Benefits of Our 308 80% Lower Jigs:

– Multi-Hole Top Drill Plate
– Which Means, Maximum Material Removal when Drilling
– Upper Rear Pocket Already Completed
– CNC machined from 6061 Billet Aluminum
– Simple 4- or 5- Piece Fixture Design
– Made by Us Right Here in the USA

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