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AR-10, DPMS, SR25, 308 Lower, Upper, Set, Build

.308 Rifle: Differences Between AR10 vs DPMS vs SR25

Theres a lot of confusion surrounding .308’s and many people would like to better understand the differences between AR10 vs DPMS vs SR25. Everyone knows that AR15 fits everything AR15 – and this is due to the mil-spec standard in place for the last 60 years. So the AR15 platform is pretty self explanatory. But […]

An Overview Of AR10 Rifle Triggers

When Building Your Rifle From An 80 Percent Lower Receiver, Triggers Are One Of The Few Upgrades That Can Make Shooting Easier. Since Many People Think AR-10s Are Supposed To Be Longer Range Than An AR-15, A Good Trigger Has More Value. Let’s go over the different types of triggers available for AR-10s. Types of […]

What Is The Difference Between An AR10, AR15 And An AR9?

There Are Some Notable Differences Across AR Rifle Platforms The AR-15 and AR-10 have multiple variants that bring additional versatility while keeping similar controls. But some variants like the AR-9 are significantly different from the base AR-15. We’re going to go over these differences so you know what to expect when building or purchasing an […]

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The Importance Of AR15 Gas Tubes

What Do You Need To Know About AR15 Gas Tubes?   AR15 gas tubes are often very misunderstood. Ask your average shooter to describe the system and watch them come up with all kinds of convoluted descriptions of “tubes along the top” and “little holes”, or even “something to do with gas”. But never fear, […]

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What’s The Best Barrel For Your AR?

Getting The Perfect Barrel For An AR Rifle The main problem is that there are so many out barrels out there on the market that the sheer weight of information makes picking what is best for your set-up kind of tricky. It’s not helped by the fact that there is a lot of advertising dollars […]

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What You Need To Know About AR Rifle Stocks

Best Stocks For Your AR15 When you build your custom AR, you get to choose the parts that suit you, and make your gun the best that you can own. You can choose calibers, barrel lengths, uppers, magazines, handguards and so on, but the one part that people sometimes don’t fully consider is the stock. […]