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SR25 308 Cerakote 80% Lowers Receiver Set

Comparing AR15 Coatings: Anodized vs Cerakote

Whether You’re Looking For New Parts Or Starting From Scratch You Will Encounter Different Coatings For Your AR-15, AR 10-308 80 Percent Lower Receiver, Or Similar Firearms. Mostly this comes down to two major options: Anodizing and Cerakote. But, what do each of these coatings do and why does it matter if your 80% receiver […]

About Our 80 Lower Receivers

80 Lower Receivers Markings: Although it’s a little difficult to make out in some of our pics, these 80% Lowers are marked with “SAFE” and “FIRE” on both sides. In the future we may consider a pictogram design instead. Stock Mount We designed our proprietary Gen2 Billet Lower Receiver to have a custom tapered Round […]

What You Need To Know About 80 Lowers

AR-15 80 Percent Lowers One of the most popular rifles ever created is the AR-15 which can be customized easily. An 80% lower receiver is one such custom component, and is not legally considered to be a firearm therefore it can be acquired without federal firearms transfer paperwork or licensing. You must acquire the other […]