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Why Buy An AR Lower Receiver?

Buying An 80 Percent Lower Receiver   Most people who have built there own AR have done so, because they realized building from the ground up will make the perfect weapon designed just for them. But others may not see it this way, and may think that the extra effort is a waste of time. […]

Should You Buy or Build an AR Lower Receiver?

Deciding If You Should Buy or Build an AR-15 Or .308 Lower Receiver Because of their sheer adaptability, the AR range of weapons are understandably some of the nation’s favorite weapons. Whether you choose the AR15 or the .308/AR10, you have a huge number of replacement and alternative parts that you can use to build […]

Jig For AR-15 And AR-10 Lower Receiver

3 Benefits Of Using A Jig For An 80 Lower

Why Use A Jig For An 80% Lower? There are a number of important reasons why you should be using a jig to complete your newly purchased and shiny 80% lower in order to get the most out it and with safety in mind too. AR owners love to customize their weapons and with so […]