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Ar-15 / .308 Cheapest Blemished Lower Receiver

Choosing A Bi-Pod For Your AR 15 Rifle

How To Choose An AR-15 or .308 Rifle Bipod Unless you want your AR specifically for close combat operations, it always makes sense to get a bit of added stability to it by adding a bipod to the front end. Sure, some people will tell you that you can use anything in your environment – […]

Cheapest AR15 308 Lower Receivers AR10-Blem

What You Need To Know About AR Rifle Stocks

Best Stocks For Your AR15 When you build your custom AR, you get to choose the parts that suit you, and make your gun the best that you can own. You can choose calibers, barrel lengths, uppers, magazines, handguards and so on, but the one part that people sometimes don’t fully consider is the stock. […]

AR Rifle Handgrip

Getting The Best Pistol Grip For Your AR-10 / AR-15

Choosing A Pistol Grip For Your AR Rifle When you build a custom AR, you will quickly discover that some parts are simply off the shelf and others provide a well thought out product with the user in mind. There are a huge range of grips available and you can make your custom AR not […]