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What Is The Difference Between An AR10, AR15 And An AR9?

There Are Some Notable Differences Across AR Rifle Platforms The AR-15 and AR-10 have multiple variants that bring additional versatility while keeping similar controls. But some variants like the AR-9 are significantly different from the base AR-15. We’re going to go over these differences so you know what to expect when building or purchasing an […]

Ar15, AR10, Dpms, Sr25 308 Upper Receiver, Set

AR Rifle Upper Receivers Explained

The Different Types of AR Rifle Upper Receivers   The Armalite AR family of rifles is one of the most popular rifle designs on the planet, with the primary versions being the AR-10/AR-308 variants and the AR-15/M16/M4 lines. The major benefits of the designs are the modularity and ease of use they provide. Caliber conversions […]