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Serialization of 80% Lower Receivers for Oregonians

Serialization of 80% Lower Receivers for Oregonians


Serialization Service for 80% Lowers and Frames due to Oregon’s HB 2005 going into effect 9/1/24.

(9 customer reviews)

This is a service for Serializing 80% Lower Receivers and/or Frames due to Oregon passing HB 2005 into law provided that you already possess the completed or unfinished Lower or Frame.

Section 8 regarding the possession criteria goes into effect 09/01/2024.
And we are currently seeing a large increase in demand.

Note:  If you are sending in Polymer Frames and/or Lowers, please make sure that there is an embedded steel plate in the plastic. IF there is no embedded steel plate, then we can’t engrave a SN for you.

Also, IF the Frame or Lower already has a SN engraved, then we will need to see if before engraving our number, ie. please send us a pic before ordering/shipping.

Plus, if you are sending a completed Lower or Frame, please strip it as far as practical. We can work around triggers, Hammers, Mag Catch, Bolt Catch, etc. but please remove Grips and Tubes.

Select the number of Frames and/or Lowers that you will need to have Serialized, and place your  order.  Then ship them to the following address:

ADR Tactical LLC
630 30th St, Ste 110
Springfield, OR 97478

Under the ATFs Gunsmithing Guidelines, we will engrave a specific Serial Number on the Lower Receiver. Only the Serial Number will be added, and we can ship directly back to you as the original owner as there is no need for a separate background check because these components would fall under ATFs Gunsmithing Guidelines.

You can also make an appointment to visit our shop in Springfield to have the engraving service done in person.

We are a licensed manufacturer and possess a valid FFL-07 SOT2 issued from ATF. It is perfectly legal to ship these Firearm parts to our facility.

9 reviews for Serialization of 80% Lower Receivers for Oregonians

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great work and customer service is top notch. Will use again!!

  2. Edward C. (verified owner)

    Super fast turn around! Thanks!

  3. John Z. (verified owner)

  4. Jeffrey H. (verified owner)

    Not that long ago, I could not find anyone in Oregon to serialize my completed 80% lower. Seemed like a simple money making job for an FFL, and the law prevents me or any other non-FFl to do it. Yet, even biggest place in Portland didn’t want anything to do with it. This time, your site popped up to the top of google —> Portland to Springfield in my box, —> Springfield to Portland in your box. It would have sat on a waiting list in most gunsmith shops. Less than a week round trip was awesome. Could not be happier. I don’t care about ghosting, I just wanted to machine it myself. Speedy return, just what I wanted.

  5. Nicholas P. (verified owner)

    I was so pleased with my machining serial number serialization of my illegal firearm frame now that I have sent it to CNC and got it back within 2 days being in Oregon resident thrilled and happy and I might just send all of my illegal firearm frames to CNC lol maybe I’ll keep one maybe I definitely endorse this message

  6. Christopher (verified owner)

    F-ing top notch. Awesome 👍

  7. Justin B. (verified owner)

    Fast and easy great to work with

  8. Marty B. (verified owner)

    You guys did a Awesome job Serializing my lowers very pleased Thank you Marty

  9. Brian M. (verified owner)

    Excellent service, very nice work of adding serial number and very quick turnaround time.

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