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AR-15, AR-10, 308 Compatible Parts, Eighty Percent Lower Receivers, Interchangeable Parts

Can An AR-15 And An AR-10 Use The Same Parts?

Today We’re Going To Go Over Which Parts Are Compatible Between The AR-15 And The AR-10 Some parts will have to be different and these usually are related to the different calibers of the AR-15 and AR-10. This simplifies things, but it doesn’t paint as clear a picture as going piece by piece. To make […]

Is Your Lower Parts Kit Compatible?

Maybe You’re Just Getting Into Building AR-15s As A Hobby Or You Want To Make Sure The Lower Kit You Have Will Work For Your Build. Either way, Lower Parts Kits can be confusing, especially with all the AR-15 variants out there.  We’re going to go over which parts kits work with your AR-15/AR-308/AR-9 or […]

Ar15, AR10, Dpms, Sr25 308 Upper Receiver, Set

AR Rifle Upper Receivers Explained

The Different Types of AR Rifle Upper Receivers   The Armalite AR family of rifles is one of the most popular rifle designs on the planet, with the primary versions being the AR-10/AR-308 variants and the AR-15/M16/M4 lines. The major benefits of the designs are the modularity and ease of use they provide. Caliber conversions […]

The Difference Between AR15, DPMS, SR25, and LR .308

What Is the Difference Between AR15, DPMS, SR25, and the LR .308?   Just because things look the same, it doesn’t mean that they are equal. Crackers are always made out of flour and crunchy whereas cookies are usually sweeter, and have additives like fruit or chocolate chips. Just the same, shrimps and prawns might […]

.308 best 80% lower receiver, Ar10, Ar15, cheapest for sale

What You Should Know About Your AR-10

Some Important Facts Before You Build An AR-10/.308   Experienced rifle builders are well aware of the potential with the AR-15 with its huge range of interchangeable parts. Upper and lower receivers always seem to fit together well, parts kits match up with BCGs every time, and every .223 or 5.56 NATO barrel and chamber […]

AR-10 80 percent lowers and parts

Tools And Parts To Build An AR-10 Rifle

These Are The Tools You Need To Build An AR-10 Rifle You can almost imagine Eugene Stoner designing the AR10 specifically so that it can be modified and customized, such is the ease with which it can be done. There are now so many parts on the market that it has actually become bewildering, and […]

Ar10 Blemished Lower Receiver

10 Reasons Why You Should Own An AR-10

Benefits Of An AR-10/.308 The AR-10 has been with us for over six decades now, and in that time, despite some rehashes and modifications – ignoring its downsizing to make the AR-15 – the basic rifle is the same concept as when Eugene Stoner first conceived it. That is the mark of a good, well-designed […]