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AR15 Differences M-16

Why An AR15 Is Not Like An M16

There is often a lot of and misinformation and confusion about the relationship between AR-15s and M16s. This comes from a combination of politically charged rhetoric and classic misunderstandings. So we are going to go over the origins of the term “AR-15”, why it is different from an M16, and why they sometimes get confused […]

Length AR-15 Rifle Barrel

How Long You Should Make An AR15 Rifle Barrel

The Length Of An AR-15’s Barrel Is A Topic Of Discussion For Some People. How Long Should It Be? Are There Any Benefits For A Particular Barrel Length? How Does The Barrel Length Impact My Rifle? We’re going to answer some of these questions while exploring the nuances of barrel length. Legal Restrictions There are […]

AR15 80 Percent Lowers, Grip and Stance

AR-15 Rifle: Grip And Proper Stance

A Good Grip And Stance Can Make A World Of Difference When You Are Shooting Your AR-15 Made From Your 80 Percent Lower Receiver. Controllability And Accuracy All Stem From How Well You Hold Your Rifle. But it’s not as easy as some people think. There are multiple good grips and stances for firing an […]

AR15, AR10/308 80Lower Receiver, Trigger Pull Weight

What is the Best AR-15 Trigger Pull Weight?

Trigger Pull Weight Of An AR15 Or AR10/308 Is One Of The Most Discussed Topics In The Firearms World Since The Pull Weight Is Usually One Of The First Upgrades People Gravitate Towards After Building Their 80 Percent Lower Receiver. But what is the best trigger pull weight for an AR-15? Does it even matter? […]

AR15, 308, AR10, Forward Assist

Should I Use An AR-15 Forward Assist?

There Are A Lot Of Debates Within The Firearms World And One Of The More Surprising Subjects Is Using An AR-15’s Forward Assist Whether You Make It From An 80 Percent Lower Receiver Or Buy It Off The Shelf. Depending on who you talk to, the forward assist is a necessary part of the AR-15’s […]

Bullpup versus Ar15 Rifle

Comparing Bullpup And AR-15 Rifles

In Order To Make The Best Choice Between A Bullpup And A Standard AR15 Made From An 80 Percent Lower Receiver, We Need To Understand The Strengths And Weaknesses Of These Different Firearms. We’re going to cover the pros and cons of both AR-15s and Bullpup rifles starting with the most important question of what […]

An Overview Of AR10 Rifle Triggers

When Building Your Rifle From An 80 Percent Lower Receiver, Triggers Are One Of The Few Upgrades That Can Make Shooting Easier. Since Many People Think AR-10s Are Supposed To Be Longer Range Than An AR-15, A Good Trigger Has More Value. Let’s go over the different types of triggers available for AR-10s. Types of […]

AR-15 Buffers and Weights Explained

The AR-15’s Buffer System Is Often Overlooked When People Are Building A Rifle However it is a necessary part of the function of the rifle. This is because the gas and buffer system work together to cycle the gun. Let’s look at AR-15’s buffer system before we look at the different weighted buffers. AR-15 Buffer […]

What Is The Difference Between An AR10, AR15 And An AR9?

There Are Some Notable Differences Across AR Rifle Platforms The AR-15 and AR-10 have multiple variants that bring additional versatility while keeping similar controls. But some variants like the AR-9 are significantly different from the base AR-15. We’re going to go over these differences so you know what to expect when building or purchasing an […]

Ar15, AR10, Dpms, Sr25 308 Upper Receiver, Set

AR Rifle Upper Receivers Explained

The Different Types of AR Rifle Upper Receivers   The Armalite AR family of rifles is one of the most popular rifle designs on the planet, with the primary versions being the AR-10/AR-308 variants and the AR-15/M16/M4 lines. The major benefits of the designs are the modularity and ease of use they provide. Caliber conversions […]