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Cerakote Billet AR-15 80% Lower Receiver

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80Lowers presents our AR 15 80% Lower Bead Blasted Receiver machined from Billet Aluminum.

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Every machining process for the Billet AR 15 80% Lower is completed LESS the FCG (Fire Control Group) Pocket, Trigger and Hammer Pin Holes and Selector Switch Hole. It is Ready to be Finished into an AR 15 Lower Receiver.

Our 80% Lower also has the upper rear pocket already completed for you.


  • CNC Machined from Aircraft Grade Billet Aluminum
  • Optional Bead Blasted or Anodized Finish
  • Greater Wall Thickness (for Added Strength
  • Beefed Up Stock Mount for Greater Strength
  • Mil-Spec Lower Receiver mates with Mil-Spec Upper Receivers
  • Flared Magazine Well with Mil-Spec Control Locations

About Our Lowers:

Our Gen. 1.5 version Billet Lower represents an update mainly in DFM, or Design For Manufacture, where we went back to the Gen. 1 design and reshaped it in a manner that made the machining process more efficient. For example, the Gen. 1 Lower machining process used fifteen tools through nine operations to complete, whereas the Gen. 1.5 version eliminates three tools and two operations to accomplish even more. Moving from smaller tools, which take more passes and move slower than the larger tools that are used more, cuts the overall machining time as well.

These little manufacturing “tips and secrets” are things that we have learned after years of machining with our own proprietary methods. And since we have cut our overall manufacture time by 26%, we can pass cost savings on to our customers in a lower selling price.

For the Gen 1.5 version, we also wanted to keep several of our design features (Front Finger Grooves), plus add some additional features not present on our Gen. 1 Lower (Take Down Pin Recesses on each side), and try to remove a little “excess weight” where we could. If you could compare the two you would see that the the Front Finger Grooves are moved back slightly, and there is also a cosmetic change just in front of the Trigger Guard, plus the edge break on the mag well protrusions is twice that of the other edge breaks on the rest of the Lower.

We’ve also decided to make an Open Trigger Guard variant of our Gen. 1.5 Lower, as well as offer our Logo, as additional options. You can also choose to have the “FIRE-SAFE” engravings omitted if you prefer.

Lower Compatibility:

Our Billet AR 15 80% Lower Receivers will mate with any mil-spec Upper and standard Lower Parts Kits.

Machined Billet vs Forging:

You may not want to purchase a Forged Lower over a Billet machined variant as most of the Forgings that we have handled are thin by up to 0.050-0.060″. That means that they aren’t even Mil-spec to start, so they can’t be Mil-spec after machining either. But don’t take our word for it, just remember the next time you are at a gun show and see a Serialized Lower to pick it up and look at the top to see how close the Fire Control Pocket and Mag Well come to either outside wall.

We’ve measured some as thin as 0.050″ when they are supposed to be 0.108″. And we know for sure, not all Forged Lowers are this way. But which ones are? Billet versions are CNC machined to a specific tolerance for all dimensions, every time…

Availability / Shipping:

Because our 80% Lowers are generally in stock, they can ship within 1-4 days by USPS Priority Mail. Shipping is set at $7 for one Part and $12 for 2 or more Parts.

FREE Shipping on Orders over $199.

Legal Note:

Although not generally restricted, you should refer questions regarding manufacture, NFA Regulations, and individual state regulations to the ATF or obtain legal guidance prior to manufacturing.

How to Order:

No FFL Required! You can order this 80% Lower by adding it to your cart and purchasing securely over our website, or e-mail us requesting that we contact you by phone to place an order that way. We will ship this 80% Lower Receiver to any persons over the age of 18.