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Forged Receiver, Billet, Cast Aluminum

Which Is The Best Aluminum: Billet, Forged, Or Cast?

AR Lower Receivers: Billet vs Forged vs Cast Aluminum   There’s little doubt that aluminum is the best material when it comes to AR lowers. Whether you get them in complete or as 80% finished to polish-off yourself, aluminum gives you the confidence to use your AR to its fullest extent without fear that it […]

Jig For AR-15 And AR-10 Lower Receiver

3 Benefits Of Using A Jig For An 80 Lower

Why Use A Jig For An 80% Lower? There are a number of important reasons why you should be using a jig to complete your newly purchased and shiny 80% lower in order to get the most out it and with safety in mind too. AR owners love to customize their weapons and with so […]

80 Lower Poly Receiver-AR-15

Are Polymer 80% Lower Receivers Good?

Polymer 80 Lowers When it comes to customizing your AR, the lower receiver is one of the obvious big wins as it offers a huge amount of possibilities when you are making a gun your own.   The receiver is often made of forged, machined, or stamped steel or aluminum, since it is a part […]