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How To Customize Your AR-15/ AR-10 .308 Rifle

7 Ways To Customize Your AR Rifle

Make The Perfect Gun When it comes to making a personalized gun, the AR-15 is in a league of its own. It makes perfect sense to make your gun for exactly how you need to use it. That’s why the AR gives gun enthusiasts the flexibility to create a rifle that is designed to work […]

AR-Parts Kit-80 Percent Lower Jigs

Get The Right Lower Parts Kit For Your AR

Get The Right 80 Percent Lower Receiver Kit For A Customized AR Whether you are looking for an effective tactical rifle, hunting weapon or even a shorter-range sniping rifle, the AR can be made to cater to any type of use.   The AR range of weapons are renowned for their versatility and ability to […]

What is an ar15 pistol

What’s An AR-15 Pistol Lower?

Building an Ar-15 Pistol Yep, that’s right, you heard us – an AR pistol! The idea is that you take an AR-15, cut out any unnecessary or parts that stick out too much, and rebuild it with a prominent pistol grip and no carrying handle. Actually, it’s a bit more involved than that, but that […]

Forged Receiver, Billet, Cast Aluminum

Which Is The Best Aluminum: Billet, Forged, Or Cast?

AR Lower Receivers: Billet vs Forged vs Cast Aluminum   There’s little doubt that aluminum is the best material when it comes to AR lowers. Whether you get them in complete or as 80% finished to polish-off yourself, aluminum gives you the confidence to use your AR to its fullest extent without fear that it […]

Jig For AR-15 And AR-10 Lower Receiver

3 Benefits Of Using A Jig For An 80 Lower

Why Use A Jig For An 80% Lower? There are a number of important reasons why you should be using a jig to complete your newly purchased and shiny 80% lower in order to get the most out it and with safety in mind too. AR owners love to customize their weapons and with so […]

80 Lower Poly Receiver-AR-15

Are Polymer 80% Lower Receivers Good?

Polymer 80 Lowers When it comes to customizing your AR, the lower receiver is one of the obvious big wins as it offers a huge amount of possibilities when you are making a gun your own.   The receiver is often made of forged, machined, or stamped steel or aluminum, since it is a part […]

What You Need To Know About 80 Lowers

AR-15 80 Percent Lowers One of the most popular rifles ever created is the AR-15 which can be customized easily. An 80% lower receiver is one such custom component, and is not legally considered to be a firearm therefore it can be acquired without federal firearms transfer paperwork or licensing. You must acquire the other […]

Stripped Mil Spec Ar15 Receiver

80% Lower Receiver Vs. Finished Lower Receiver

What’s the Difference Between A Finished Lower and an 80 Lower? This is a question that comes up a lot, and it’s pretty easy to answer. But it’s a good question, because it makes people think about what they can achieve with their AR, and if ever a gun was made to be modified, it’s […]

Ar10 Blemished Lower Receiver

10 Reasons Why You Should Own An AR-10

Benefits Of An AR-10/.308 The AR-10 has been with us for over six decades now, and in that time, despite some rehashes and modifications – ignoring its downsizing to make the AR-15 – the basic rifle is the same concept as when Eugene Stoner first conceived it. That is the mark of a good, well-designed […]

Ar-15, Ar-10 Rifle Scope

Optic Scopes For Your AR-15

Build A Superior AR By Adding An Optic Scope The AR-15 has been developed as a bit of a workhorse in the gun world: solid, dependable, and good all around. This smaller caliber brother of the AR-10 was developed as a mass-produced answer to military needs, but its modular design quickly made it a favorite […]