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How To Customize Your AR-15/ AR-10 .308 Rifle

7 Ways To Customize Your AR Rifle

Make The Perfect Gun

When it comes to making a personalized gun, the AR-15 is in a league of its own. It makes perfect sense to make your gun for exactly how you need to use it. That’s why the AR gives gun enthusiasts the flexibility to create a rifle that is designed to work well in different circumstances best suited to your needs.


While some riflemen might enjoy grips that are smooth, for example, others might favor grips that feature have more contours. You may be using your AR for different types of shooting and need to modify it to make it the best there is at your particular niche. Whatever the reason that you choose to customize your AR-15 there are plenty of areas of the gun that can be updated. Let’s look at some of those.

  1. ) Lower Receiver.

    The lower receiver is a highly customizable part. It can be bought in as an 80% complete unit which you then finish off to your specifications and needs. Lowers are also available in ‘stripped’ form that do not include the lower parts kit or stock, allowing you to add extras as you want and to choose the exact stock that suits your needs.

  2. ) Stripped Upper

    As with the lower, the Upper can be bought in as an incomplete unit that requires more work. With this option, you can choose your bolt, barrel, and hand-guard to shape your AR’s style and function and to fit in with your shooting demands.

  3. ) Bolt Carrier Group

    The bolt is one of the major elements of the gun and this too can be tweaked to meet your performance expectations. You might want to consider extended bolt releases if you want to clear jams and swap out magazines quickly. While the bolt release is a sizable chunk of metal, specialized versions are available in skeletal form having been cut down on weight while not sacrificing strength. Extended bolt releases can offer an edge you want without making you sacrifice comfort.

  4. ) Barrels.

    The barrel is a major part of your AR-15 and one where you can really change characteristics. Some shooters prefer longer barrels because they provide a more accurate shooting, while some prefer the versatility that shorter barrels bring to the shooting experience. If you’re worried about a home intrusion, a shorter barrel will be easier to maneuver and shoot quickly to keep you safe. If you need accurate shot groups, longer is the way to go. Custom barrels offer additional caliber options along with providing various contours and rates of twist.

  5. ) Charging Handles.

    If you are considering customizing, then fitting an ambidextrous charging handle is an easy win that is almost essential. Ambidextrous charging handles allow left-handed shooters to charge their rifles with their right hands. You can charge from either side with them, so on top of that, right-handed shooters will enjoy the versatility such an upgrade provides, as they’ll be able to shoot left-handed around barricades with ease. Using such a handle speeds up the gun’s effectiveness in tactical situations, allowing quick and accurate shots from either side.

  6. ) Trigger.

    Your round doesn’t leave the barrel until your trigger decides it does, so having a lightweight trigger assembly makes plenty of sense. Single-stage triggers for home defense lets your rifle fire when you pull the trigger, so make for fast shots, which can make all the difference in tight situations. Two-stage triggers are ideal for recreational shooting since you’ll be focused on a target, and hunting triggers depend more on your preference and the type of game you are planning to target.

  7. ) Grips and Stocks.

    Making your AR-15 comfortable in your hands is essential and there are plenty of after market stocks and grips that help you keep your weapon steady. A new grip offers several benefits: Some models work to absorb recoil, resulting in less muzzle climb. This allows you higher successive shot accuracy with tight shot grouping so you can re-engage your target after each shot without losing valuable time. Stocks can be made to reduce recoil significantly or, if you are using your AR-15 for tactical purposes, can be collapsible to allow for a smaller footprint until you are ready to use the weapon.

Get your AR-15 stripped down and some new after market parts in place and you’ll soon be using your gun the way that you want to be, thanks to the AR’s superb customization potential.

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