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AR 80 Lowers and Parts

80% Lower Receivers

Shop for a quality AR10 .308 80 percent lower and/or AR 80 lower receiver manufactured by Rebel Machine Fab that are precision machined from billet aluminum blocks, and then completed by the end customer.  An 80% lower is the starting point of your custom AR rifle build, and can be completed with a drill press or router type 80% lower jig.


Our billet lowers can be ordered in 6061-T6 aluminum (or 7075-T6 option when available) in the raw, or finished as bead blasted, black anodized or cerakoted.  Our website features three styles of available receivers including the standard shape, a LightWeight (LW) version plus a skeletonized 80 lower.  There are additional options available so you can order a customized 80 percent lower for your next rifle or pistol build.


Note: The April, 2022 ATF Rule Change has no impact on our business since we are only selling ‘Receiver Blanks’ at this time, and have no plans to sell a bundled product with a Jig and/or tools. We will continue to feature our 80% lower receivers with mating uppers, and will expand our product offerings as we move forward. Thanks to all of our customers for your continued support.

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