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AR-10, DPMS, SR25, 308 Lower, Upper, Set, Build

.308 Rifle: Differences Between AR10 vs DPMS vs SR25

Theres a lot of confusion surrounding .308’s and many people would like to better understand the differences between AR10 vs DPMS vs SR25. Everyone knows that AR15 fits everything AR15 – and this is due to the mil-spec standard in place for the last 60 years. So the AR15 platform is pretty self explanatory. But […]

AR15, 308, AR10, Forward Assist

Should I Use An AR-15 Forward Assist?

There Are A Lot Of Debates Within The Firearms World And One Of The More Surprising Subjects Is Using An AR-15’s Forward Assist Whether You Make It From An 80 Percent Lower Receiver Or Buy It Off The Shelf. Depending on who you talk to, the forward assist is a necessary part of the AR-15’s […]

AR-15 Buffers and Weights Explained

The AR-15’s Buffer System Is Often Overlooked When People Are Building A Rifle However it is a necessary part of the function of the rifle. This is because the gas and buffer system work together to cycle the gun. Let’s look at AR-15’s buffer system before we look at the different weighted buffers. AR-15 Buffer […]

Ar15, AR10, Dpms, Sr25 308 Upper Receiver, Set

AR Rifle Upper Receivers Explained

The Different Types of AR Rifle Upper Receivers   The Armalite AR family of rifles is one of the most popular rifle designs on the planet, with the primary versions being the AR-10/AR-308 variants and the AR-15/M16/M4 lines. The major benefits of the designs are the modularity and ease of use they provide. Caliber conversions […]

Why Buy An AR Lower Receiver?

Buying An 80 Percent Lower Receiver     Most people who have built there own AR have done so, because they realized building from the ground up will make the perfect weapon designed just for them. But others may not see it this way, and may think that the extra effort is a waste of […]

308, AR10 blems, blemished 80 lower receiver-In Stock

AR Rifle Legal Barrel Length

What Is the Legal Length of An AR Rifle Barrel?   The AR barrel, is a beautiful piece of engineering that forms the cherry on top of the complex cake that is your customized gun. Without your barrel, all those other little modifications become fairly pointless, and your gun practically useless. It’s easy to think […]

.308 best 80% lower receiver, Ar10, Ar15, cheapest for sale

What You Should Know About Your AR-10

Some Important Facts Before You Build An AR-10/.308   Experienced rifle builders are well aware of the potential with the AR-15 with its huge range of interchangeable parts. Upper and lower receivers always seem to fit together well, parts kits match up with BCGs every time, and every .223 or 5.56 NATO barrel and chamber […]

Ar10,.308 Ar15 Best Blem Receiver And Jigs For Sale

What’s The Best Barrel For Your AR?

Getting The Perfect Barrel For An AR Rifle The main problem is that there are so many out barrels out there on the market that the sheer weight of information makes picking what is best for your set-up kind of tricky. It’s not helped by the fact that there is a lot of advertising dollars […]

Zeroing In An AR15 AR10 Blemished Receiver 308 Rifle

How To Zero In An AR Rifle

Zeroing In Your AR Rifle If you are creating a custom AR rifle, many of the parts that you use will slot or bolt straight into place and will work properly from there. Other parts, however, require some setting up, and if you don’t do that properly, it can severely affect the performance of your […]

Ar-15 / .308 Cheapest Blemished Lower Receiver

Choosing A Bi-Pod For Your AR 15 Rifle

How To Choose An AR-15 or .308 Rifle Bipod Unless you want your AR specifically for close combat operations, it always makes sense to get a bit of added stability to it by adding a bipod to the front end. Sure, some people will tell you that you can use anything in your environment – […]