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Bullpup versus Ar15 Rifle

Comparing Bullpup And AR-15 Rifles

In Order To Make The Best Choice Between A Bullpup And A Standard AR15 Made From An 80 Percent Lower Receiver, We Need To Understand The Strengths And Weaknesses Of These Different Firearms. We’re going to cover the pros and cons of both AR-15s and Bullpup rifles starting with the most important question of what […]

AR-15, AR-10, 308 Compatible Parts, Eighty Percent Lower Receivers, Interchangeable Parts

Can An AR-15 And An AR-10 Use The Same Parts?

Today We’re Going To Go Over Which Parts Are Compatible Between The AR-15 And The AR-10 Some parts will have to be different and these usually are related to the different calibers of the AR-15 and AR-10. This simplifies things, but it doesn’t paint as clear a picture as going piece by piece. To make […]

AR-15 Buffers and Weights Explained

The AR-15’s Buffer System Is Often Overlooked When People Are Building A Rifle However it is a necessary part of the function of the rifle. This is because the gas and buffer system work together to cycle the gun. Let’s look at AR-15’s buffer system before we look at the different weighted buffers. AR-15 Buffer […]

AR-15 Bolt Carrier Group

Overview of AR-15 Bolt Carrier Groups

The Bolt Carrier Group Or BCG Is The Heart Of The AR-15’s Operation It ties the gas and recoil systems together with the trigger group. It also deals with firing and feeding ammunition. Because of this, the BCG is put under a lot of stress. This means picking the right BCG is important. To help […]

Is Your Lower Parts Kit Compatible?

Maybe You’re Just Getting Into Building AR-15s As A Hobby Or You Want To Make Sure The Lower Kit You Have Will Work For Your Build. Either way, Lower Parts Kits can be confusing, especially with all the AR-15 variants out there.  We’re going to go over which parts kits work with your AR-15/AR-308/AR-9 or […]

AR15 Upper Receiver Parts Kit, Lower 80

How To Assemble An AR-15 Upper

HOW TO COMPLETE AR-15 UPPER ASSEMBLY The ocean of options on an AR-15 Upper Receiver is vast. There are almost as many options as there are in the beer aisle of that dumb new “fancy” grocery store down the road they just built… my wife likes to go there even though they are 10x’s more […]

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Using An AR15 For Home Defense

Using An AR15 For Home Defense   No one really wants to think about the need for home defense, but the fact of the matter is that it’s definitely something that you need to be prepared for and there is little better than you trusty AR rifle to show that you mean business. But how […]

308, AR10 blems, blemished 80 lower receiver-In Stock

AR Rifle Legal Barrel Length

What Is the Legal Length of An AR Rifle Barrel?   The AR barrel, is a beautiful piece of engineering that forms the cherry on top of the complex cake that is your customized gun. Without your barrel, all those other little modifications become fairly pointless, and your gun practically useless. It’s easy to think […]

Ar-15 / .308 Cheapest Blemished Lower Receiver

Choosing A Bi-Pod For Your AR 15 Rifle

How To Choose An AR-15 or .308 Rifle Bipod Unless you want your AR specifically for close combat operations, it always makes sense to get a bit of added stability to it by adding a bipod to the front end. Sure, some people will tell you that you can use anything in your environment – […]

Ar-15, Ar-10 Rifle Scope

Optic Scopes For Your AR-15

Build A Superior AR By Adding An Optic Scope The AR-15 has been developed as a bit of a workhorse in the gun world: solid, dependable, and good all around. This smaller caliber brother of the AR-10 was developed as a mass-produced answer to military needs, but its modular design quickly made it a favorite […]