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Zeroing In An AR15 AR10 Blemished Receiver 308 Rifle

How To Zero In An AR Rifle

Zeroing In Your AR Rifle If you are creating a custom AR rifle, many of the parts that you use will slot or bolt straight into place and will work properly from there. Other parts, however, require some setting up, and if you don’t do that properly, it can severely affect the performance of your […]

Using An AR10 or AR15 To Hunt

Hunting With An AR Rifle

Using An AR-10 Or AR-15 For Hunting While the AR was originally conceived as a tactical weapon, the ability to customize it means that it can be slotted into almost any weapon category, and a growing number of serious hunters are now turning towards this excellent weapon. But if you are considering building an AR […]

Ar-15, Ar-10 Rifle Scope

Optic Scopes For Your AR-15

Build A Superior AR By Adding An Optic Scope The AR-15 has been developed as a bit of a workhorse in the gun world: solid, dependable, and good all around. This smaller caliber brother of the AR-10 was developed as a mass-produced answer to military needs, but its modular design quickly made it a favorite […]