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Ar-15 Ar-10 Muzzle Device-80 lower receivers-Variances

Muzzle Devices For Your AR 15 / .308

Round Up Of AR Rifle Muzzle Devices With all the work seemingly happening way down the line, a lot of AR aficionados don’t consider the benefits of the muzzle devices, and in doing so do themselves a huge injustice. Well, we’re going to level that particular field. Muzzle devices have the potential to add measurable […]

California AR Receiver, lowest price 80 percent lowers-Blemished

How To Make Your AR-15 California Compliant

Make Your AR15 California Compliant   It has been said that, if it is fun, it’s banned in California. That’s possibly a little harsh, but they definitely have their own take on many things, including the build standard of your AR15 /.308 and what you can have on your gun. This means that the nice […]

Zeroing In An AR15 AR10 Blemished Receiver 308 Rifle

How To Zero In An AR Rifle

Zeroing In Your AR Rifle If you are creating a custom AR rifle, many of the parts that you use will slot or bolt straight into place and will work properly from there. Other parts, however, require some setting up, and if you don’t do that properly, it can severely affect the performance of your […]

Should You Buy or Build an AR Lower Receiver?

Deciding If You Should Buy or Build an AR-15 Or .308 Lower Receiver Because of their sheer adaptability, the AR range of weapons are understandably some of the nation’s favorite weapons. Whether you choose the AR15 or the .308/AR10, you have a huge number of replacement and alternative parts that you can use to build […]

Ar-15 / .308 Cheapest Blemished Lower Receiver

Choosing A Bi-Pod For Your AR 15 Rifle

How To Choose An AR-15 or .308 Rifle Bipod Unless you want your AR specifically for close combat operations, it always makes sense to get a bit of added stability to it by adding a bipod to the front end. Sure, some people will tell you that you can use anything in your environment – […]

Cheapest AR15 308 Lower Receivers AR10-Blem

What You Need To Know About AR Rifle Stocks

Best Stocks For Your AR15 When you build your custom AR, you get to choose the parts that suit you, and make your gun the best that you can own. You can choose calibers, barrel lengths, uppers, magazines, handguards and so on, but the one part that people sometimes don’t fully consider is the stock. […]

AR Rifle Handgrip

Getting The Best Pistol Grip For Your AR-10 / AR-15

Choosing A Pistol Grip For Your AR Rifle When you build a custom AR, you will quickly discover that some parts are simply off the shelf and others provide a well thought out product with the user in mind. There are a huge range of grips available and you can make your custom AR not […]

Using An AR10 or AR15 To Hunt

Hunting With An AR Rifle

Using An AR-10 Or AR-15 For Hunting While the AR was originally conceived as a tactical weapon, the ability to customize it means that it can be slotted into almost any weapon category, and a growing number of serious hunters are now turning towards this excellent weapon. But if you are considering building an AR […]

80% Lower Receiver Jig-Blem

Should I Use An 80% Lower Jig For My AR Build?

Using A Jig to Build An AR-10 or AR-15 Building your own AR rifle is an enormously rewarding experience and you can go about it any way that you like. You don’t have to follow convention, but if you actually ask your self if you should use a jig, then all the expert gun builders […]

Ar-10, .308, Ar-15 magazines

Maintaining Your AR-10/AR-15 Magazine

Ar-10/Ar-15 Magazine Maintenance It’s a sad fact that while we use our AR’s day in and day out, and clean them meticulously, we sometimes forget to be as careful as we should be with the magazines. We just keep loading in rounds and then unloading them in our desired mode of shooting, occasionally giving the […]