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Blemished AR-15 80 Percent Lower Receiver

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Our AR 80 Lowers are considered blemished due to any cosmetic or machining process error, but it is still fully functional. Our blemished Lowers can be made from either 6061 or 7075 material.

All machining processes for our AR 15 80% Lower are completed other than drilling/milling the FCG (Fire Control Group) pocket and trigger slot, and drilling the Selector switch, Trigger and Hammer pin holes.  Our blemished Lowers can be either 6061 or 7075 material.

– Compatible with any mil-spec AR-15 upper receiver
Upper rear take-down pocket already machined
– Machined (not broached) magwell with wide flare
– Integral trigger guard for added overall strength
Ltd lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects


– Engravings for ‘Safe/Fire’ or Pictograms
– Recessed Faces and/or Skeletonized MagWell
– Drilled and Tapped 6-32 Bolt Release Pin Hole
– Glass Bead Blast Finish

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Although not generally restricted, you should refer questions regarding manufacture, NFA Regulations, and individual state regulations to the BATFE or your local authorities, or obtain legal guidance prior to manufacturing.

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